This is a great conversation about fear, gratitude, encouragement and the transitions of life. Ed Williams grew up in poverty, raised by a single father and barely graduated high school. Now, he works with students to help them prepare for the transitions of life. As I am sure you imagine, there were lots of twists and turns along the way. Ed started his life on the beaches of Florida and life took him out west, where he lived in Colorado for a few years with his wife. Ed has worked as a teacher for middle schoolers, and eventually decided to head to beautiful WaxHAW, NC to be closer with family. Over the past few years, Ed began to serve within the local youth group at his church. He was eventually approached about working for the ministry and he became the Student Pastor. He continues to grow in that calling, and has a special gift for working with young people. In this episode, we also get to hear about Ed and his family’s decision to make an 8-week trip across the country, allowing his daughters to choose the places they would like to see along the way. This traveling family converted a van into a mini-camper and hit the road from NC, to FL, then all the way out to the West Coast, with lots of interesting stops along the way. If you love the outdoors and feel-good messages of victory over adversity, you will love this conversation! Ed is doing some amazing things with our youth, and we are glad he stopped by to share his story with our listeners. We hope you enjoy this episode and make sure to share it with a friend or fellow traveler.

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